Cut a hole in it for a pop door and bolt the run to it.
Someone here just did a horse trailer that way. It looked fantastic.
Brilliant idea, If I weren't already a bit concerned about the ugly chicken shack I've got in my back yard, I'd totally go this direction...Heck, I still might if I decide to do freedom rangers next spring. lol
This is awesome!!!
Being an artist, the first thing that came to mind was how nice that wonderful white wall would lend itself to a truly creative coop!
that would work well i think, clever idea! i'd put it up on blocks though, not directly on the ground. and i'd just butt the fence up against it, but i suppose attaching the fence with metal screws or something wouldn't be a bad idea.
If those axles are in any kind of shape at all, its might be worth the $250. It is kinda ugly though, you will have to look at it every day. I dunno.

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