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    Mar 17, 2016
    We are blending 30 babies with 20+ older chickens. We debated and debated for a long time on how we are going to do it. Then I saw a video of quarantining some chickens and remembered a wire dog kennel that was available. My Cornish were too big to fit through the holes but the little exotics were able to fit through them too easily so we wrapped the kennel in chicken wire. This set up has worked so well because the older and the younger can interact but the older ones can't peck on the younger. The babies were so glad to get outside and enjoy the weather and the interactions. It was a great feeling to be creative and come up with a good idea while I am still a novice.

    I love this image of my toddler and a Red Ranger looking in on the newcomers.
    My 9yo joined the babes in the kennel and played with them for a while.

    Update: After the little ones being in the kennel for two weeks, we let them out and the transition was great. The chickens have played well together for over a week now. They eat together and sleep together. It is so fun to watch the little ones run between the legs of other bigger ones or jump on their backs and settle in. It worked and this is going to be a permanent way to transition the little ones into the rest of the flock.

    We laugh because every so often we will find one of the bigger one(s) in with the babes. This is our rooster that matured the soonest (the alpha of the coop) and he stayed their with them and 'babysat'. Lately we are finding the big ones going into the kennel to eat now and the babes stay outside. I am still amazed how seamless the transition was for this group. (Don't mind the dirty waterer - I had just put it in and those chickens have a way of making it dirty in no time. I am anxious to get my pvc watering system up and going.)
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    What did you do with the chicks at night?
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