Transporting birds

You could get an actual chicken crate. Then just a dog crate for the turkey. Boxes would be better though because you have to bring the crates back with you. The one time we took birds to a place my plastic dog crate ended up covered in blood and was not fun to transport home in my nice SUV! If you use crates, bring a tarp just in case.
I transported a few roosters here recently and used printer paper boxes. Poked holes in the lid put some hay in for comfort and tape the lid on so they couldn't pop out and surprise me while I was driving. I put them in separate boxes to be sure they couldn't kill one another in the box and moved them while it was dark to not stress them out more than necessary.
I go to an auction that sells chickens, and boxes with holes, chicken crates, pet carriers, dog crates, and also scrap fencing (like old fence that has been replaced or the last bit off a roll) made into a box is common place for hauling them there and back to people's homes...

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