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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Hi everyone,
    A friend recently ordered a lot of chicks and ended up with 16 extra chicks in her order that she doesn't want. We have another friend who is about an hour drive away who can take them. To make a long story short, we are the ones who would need to transport these chicks from point A to point B... what will the chicks need during the transportation to make sure they make it safe and warm?

    My husband and I have no experience or equipment for chicks. We've only had adult chickens. We can buy what we need to, but hopefully not much is necessary for an hour's drive. We have some plastic bins that we can put the chicks in, and we can line the bottom with paper towels (and pine shavings underneath the paper towels if that's a good idea). We can keep the car toasty warm for them during the drive... what else should we do to keep them warm enough?
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    It's nice of you to transport for your friend! If the journey is only an hour, they should be just fine in an enclosed cardboard box with some air holes and shavings on the floor. Warmth of course. Once at the other end they will need food & water, but should hopefully do just fine. Good luck, Sue
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    I agree, for an hour, just a box with air holes and maybe some shavings, although those aren't necessary. Just keep the car warm for you and they'll be fine.
  4. I have transported day old chicks on a three hour drive before but it is important for them to stay warm and a cardboard container is just fine but if you give them a scrambled egg or some well cooked vegetables to eat on the way this will be just fine .......
  5. Amina

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    Jul 12, 2013
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    Thanks for the advice everyone!

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