Traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding????


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Sep 28, 2009
This is my first time posting, and wish it were to introduce myself to fellow chicken fans rather then for what it is. However, I hope you all may be able to help me. I'm the proud owner of three 19 wk old hens (although one is still suspect) - - a golden comet, a barred rock, and a rhode island red. Yesterday our barred rock went over our fence into a neighbor's yard. The neighbor's terriers were out, and got a hold of her. Luckily we were able to get to him before he really mauled her. He did shake her silly for what my son said, and her feathers were everywhere. On inspection, I didn't see any open wounds. Needless to say she was traumatized, and shaky. She could hardly move, and had her beak open. I kept her isolated with food, and water, and even a little cheese as a treat. After awhile she began to drink again, but did not touch her food - - which is very atypical for her. She is the fiestiest and the first to get to food, but I understand that she may have been in shock. Later on I let her join her mates. They were anxious to get to her, and were going crazy with her not in the same area. She began walking a little, but still not eating. She still looks dazed. She sounds hoarse. Her stool is all white and watery. She looks alittle swollen. I think her wings, if not broken, are very sprained because she can't hop up the porch and squawks in pain when she has to flap to get on the porch. Today she was a little more active (i.e. scratching and walking farther). However, all the other symptoms still apply. Is is possible that she has internal bleeding or maybe she was shaken so hard she has shaken chicken syndrome or something? I'm wondering what to do next and whether she'll survive this? Any insight would help. Thanks
so sorry that your post got missed. I have no idea and I am not an expert, but hopefully someone on here can respond with some answers for you.
I am sorry that your 1st post is not a happy one
I would probably isolate her where you can keep an eye on her - maybe some of the poly sol vitamins or pedialyte may help - can you keep her warm with a heat lamp ?
They are very resiliant animals- I had a girl attacked by a hawk and her back was ripped open and she is doing fine now . Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed
Give you a hug
and a little prayer tat she does better -
Lots of expirience on this site- someone will have had this happen and will have better treatment plans I am sure .
Welcome to BYC, sorry it is under such sad circumstances.

I think your hen needs time. Have food, water and her friends around, as long as they don't hurt her further. After a dog attack there isn't much you can do without visible wounds to treat. Give her a week or so, make sure she eats. Give her vitamins, scrambled eggs, etc. to keep her eating. Keep a close eye on droppings.

I have a hen who was badly injured 3 weeks ago, open wounds and all. Time and TLC have gotten her back to her usual fussy self. Good luck!

ETA: And build a run/fence so it doesn't happen again.
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Sorry about your girl but don't give u p on her...I had a little brown leghorn hen mauled by three large dogs...gashes, feathers everywhere, broken wing...I amputated part of her wind, the first two sections...she has a short arm on one side...but she recovered and gives me a large white egg everyday...they are tough birds...she just needs time to get over the shock of it all...mine was shocky for several days...
Thanks for all of your advice, and I definitely appreciate the well wishes. I've been a lurker for about four months (ever since getting the chicks), and have been amazed by the knowledge and advice found here (this site is very addictive). I will defintely give her scrambled eggs, vitamins and pedialyte. She's scratching more and walking faster. She still can't flap without crying out. She's still hoarse. Her squawk is very soft. Should I be concerned about her larynx?

I do have a coop and run for them. However, I like to let them have access to the whole backyard and free range on the weekends and evenings when we're home. We try to be pretty vigilant when they do free range, which allowed us to get to her pretty quickly before more damage was done. What I think I'll do is extend the back fence upward somehow. I have a 9ft. wooden fence on all sides except the back, which had a chain link fence there already that the neighbor put up. That's the side she flew over. I've been thinking of putting up a wire or netting.

Thanks again for all of the advice. If there's anything else I need to be mindful of or try please let me know.
I wonder how this chicken fared who was mauled by the terrier dogs?

Some of the responder's posts give me a bit of hope...


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