traumatic, freak accident...could it be true????

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8 Years
Apr 30, 2012
My 5-yr-old had a traumatic experience today. About 10 AM, he was carrying our Dominiuque hen, petting her. This is not unusual, he loves to carry and pet the birds and he is usually very soft and gentle with them (certainly more than any other 5 yr-old could be).

When I looked at the hen, her neck went into a hairpin backwards and her eyes rolled into her head. She literally died in his hands. Our first inclination was that he caught her by the neck and broke it. After the tears died down, we started to piece together this story. Based on his behavior and graphic descriptions, I believe the story, even if it is unbelievable.

He said when he fed the chickens (~8AM), the hen had her head stuck in the poultry netting about 3' in the air. By his demonstration, he supported the hen's weight and she pulled her head out herself. When he picked her up (Two hours later) to pet her, she was preening herself and didn't run from him at all.

Is it possible that she injured herself in the chicken wire, then broke her own neck preening herself?

In support of my boy, he did help pluck her so her death wasn't in vain.
I would guess that all of the stress that she went through caused her to have a heart attack. Your boy did nothing wrong.
I hope my OP didn't seem like I'm accusing my son. He did nothing wrong. In fact, in his 5-yr-old way, he was doing everything he could to help the chicken and take good care of her. I am very proud of him.
He did a great job! Chickens just get really stressed when something traumatic happens to them. I have a hen that fell from the roost last night and hurt her leg. She has been in a quite crate all day and is still very stressed and breathing heavy. So sorry for your loss!!

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