Traumatized duck

Team PJ

Feb 1, 2019

Looking for a bit of experienced advice please.

Our new neighbours dog broke into our garden & killed one of our ducks a few hours ago. The rest seem fine, bar one, who seems completely in shock. Not interested in food and blankly staring up the garden.

We picked her up to check she wasnt injured, no signs of blood or puncture wounds, and she seems to be walking fine, but it's obviously affected her.

I've read so many times of ducks dropping dead from shock, and I dont want to lose another :( is there anything I can do to help/make her feel more secure?

They usually freeroam the garden. I've shut them in their main pen for now so they dont feel so exposed. She had bumblefoot a year or so back and absolutely hates being caught/being put in a warm bath.

Any advice very welcome, thank you.

Isaac 0

6 Years
Jul 19, 2016
Hi there!

Sorry to hear about your loss, dogs can be a real pain sometimes.

If she were mine, I'd set her inside in a dog kennel located in the quietest, dimly lit, warmest area inside the house, provide food and water, and limit handling. Hopefully, she'll come out of it within a few hours.
Jul 1, 2019
New Mexico
I am sorry for your loss!

When one of my two ducks was killed, the other sat in the spot where she had last seen him for a few days. She eventually came out of it. It is possible that the traumatized duck was good friends with the one who passed away and misses her.

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