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Feb 18, 2009
129 my one egg is due on the 28-31 of this month....its a goose egg (sebastopol) and I have to travel on the 30th ...a 6 hour drive maryland.. to stay for a few days.

My question is: is it possible to take the egg with me with some sort of precaution and as soon as we get there..plug the incubator in and put the egg back in there...or maybe get one of those outlets you can plug into your car via the charging port...I know they have to make these things..with all the technology nowadays, and plug my incubator in and have the egg incubate all the way there?
---- i just realized how funny that sounds...portable incubation....

I can leave it home, but my boyfriend might not know what to do if it hatches (when it hatches

What I am hoping is that it hatches right before we leave or something. ...there is so much going on at the end of the month..its's the list

-son's b day party on the 29th
-sister will have visted for a week and is missing monday school so she can wait until I drive her back to DC on the 30th
-drive to md(mom's house) and drop off son at his fathers on the way there
-maybe mom comes with me to virginia beach to pick up a free hull to replace my hull on my jet ski (located in md now...mechanic friend lives there) and drive back to md 3.5 hrs there and 3.5 hrs back.

with all this moving around...the egg is due the end of this month...
(in that order)

hopefully it either hatches before we leave or I find that outlet converter and incubate while traveling
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Sep 10, 2008
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Just get an outlet that you can use to plug it in while you're in the car. And put it in something (egg carton, styrofoam cup, etc) so that it can't roll around. I had a batch that travelled to Thanksgiving with me and another one that travelled back and forth for Christmas and they all did fine. Have fun!


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Feb 18, 2009
Quote:thats awesome!!!

I called my step mom and told her eveyr thing that was going on and she said if my lil' sis' misses two days it won't be the end of the we'll probably just wait here until it hatches...hopefully it does and we didn't miss her school for nothing.


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