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    I’m moving from San Diego to Alabama this summer with 5 chickens. I was thinking about getting 20L x 13H x 14W dog travel carrier. Could I put 2 chickens in each one? I am just going to put them in the back of my SUV and sneak them into the hotel each night. I’m scared with all the bumps that the water will spill but I was planning on leaving cold watermelon in the carriers along with there food. Would the watermelons be enough hydration for the day while we are driving if I give it to them all day?
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    I think the pet/dog carriers of the plastic type if big enough are ideal. I transport the chickens here in one if for example they need to see the vet.
    I wouldn't put water in the carrier. better imo to stop and give water in a bowl.
    Water melon might be okay but the chickens will poop during the journey and they ain't too fussy where ime.
    I put two or three foldeded towels in the base of the pet carrier. it provides at least some grip and comfort. I've found it's not the bumps that are a problem, ti's going around bends.
    Something to bear in mind when you're driving.
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    Don't forget to check the import laws regarding poultry in the state that you are transporting them to so that you can get the required tests and paperwork necessary to make this legal. You can contact the state veterinarian in Alabama to learn their requirements. You should also check the transport rules for the states you will be passing through.

    Because you are in California, you should also check with the California state veterinarian to make sure that you are not in a quarantined area.
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