Treating Sour Crop


Mar 4, 2018
Have scoured the forums and the internet gathering information. I have a 16 week old Black Copper Marian pullet that I have been treating with LA 200 for a respiratory infection (issue has moved through nearly every pullet in my April hatch, but my 1 1/2 year old hens are happy and laying). IBV was suspected with first necropsy, but no blood sample could be taken. A second submission early last week was Negative for and I are currently figuring out our next move. Now back to my current issue...
This girl started sneezing Tuesday night, so I pulled her into ICU and administered LA 200. Symptoms were better in 24 hours, but I noticed her crop felt like a water ballon on Thursday afternoon and she is quite depressed. I emptied her crop Friday morning—I used syringe and feeding tube and sucked about 50cc of mostly fluid from the crop. Removed food but left water with apple cider vinegar in her cage. Also administered 20 cc sub q fluids. She remained pretty quiet but looked more comfortable thru the day. Not drinking on her own, so I tubed 20 cc water and ACV and massaged before going to bed. Crop is squishy again this morning. Headed to the store for Monostat in a bit. Any more thoughts? Also, any reason not to use the tube to remove crop contents? Seems much safer than risking aspiration.
You seem to be very capable in treating your flock. I see no down side to removing the sour crop liquid via syringe. The goal is to make your patient comfortable while she undergoes treatment.

Unfortunately, many antibiotics destroy good microbes in the digestive system and yeast is encouraged by that. The goal is to knock back the yeast with miconazole or nystatin or Medistatin (pigeon med) and restore good microbes with probiotics. At this stage, ACV is of little value, so I withdraw it during treatment.

Keep up the excellent work. Your chickens are very lucky their keeper is on top of things in such an efficient manner.

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