treatment for cocci? Dying chicks please help


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Apr 20, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
I found 2 of my 3 month old chicks dead earlier. did all the research it looks like cocci due to the bloody poop and bloody intestines
can I use oxytetracyline (sp). I already have a bag of it so if there is anyway I can use this that would be great
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You need to use a coccidostat. Corid (amprolium) or Sulmet. You should be able to get one of the 2 at your farm supply store. If you do a search here you can find dosage instructions. good luck!
Alright. I'm heading out to pick some up. I was hoping since I already had some of that stuff kicking around I could use it
Will my dels still lay eggs at 6 months? I read immune birds are not as productive as uninfected birds
Good luck, I too use Corid. there are lots of good posts on what to do and how to treat. I cannot remember the dosage right of the top of my head, should be on here and easy to find. I finally started using a medicated chick feed, though I prefer not to. It is better than an all out treatment when you get an outbreak. Be sure to clean up any damp or wet bedding. I think I will work toward keeping all my chicks on chicken flooring, to prevent this type of thing. I hope you chicks do okay, use some Electrolytes in your water to help with the dehydration. A touch of sugar will help them drink it better. Hugs, HenZ
We normaly use medicated starter too but they didn't have any when we got these ones as chicks.
I called the store and they have a bottle of sodium...(some long unpronouncable name) In Canada often times the product name is the ingredient name (at least for poultry supplies, haha)
anyway it's 6.99. not a big deal to go buy some other medication.
I changed all the litter, sprayed a 50/50 solution of bleach/water down on the floor before adding the new litter. looking at the causes of it, i'm amazed my other flock never got it

our coops are relatively clean but it's the water supply. the chicks drink out of the upside down bucket type waterer because they are too small and they can drown in an ordinary bucket. the problem is if I put it on the floor they poop in it and if I prop it up on an upside down bucket they spill the whole thing in minutes..... that and how do you get them to not poop in their feed?
I am dealing with my first coccidia problem ever in raising chicks. A few weeks before it started showing up, I had noticed some mice droppings and put out poison, but it took maybe two weeks to get the adults and the juveniles as they got older, so I guess they were cruising around until they discovered the bait and they had time to contaminate my brooders. I lost a couple, and took some to the state lab because I had never seen it before. I felt so dumb when it came back coccidia. A few more are sick with it and I am using Sulmet in everyone's water. I am boosting the sicker chicks with an initial dose that is double concentrated, to kick start the battle. I am using that double concentration as the water to dilute Exact baby bird formula (have that on had already) and am hand feeding one that is my only offspring so far out of an important pair. He is not doing great. Looks very weak. Last night I gave him normal saline injections under the skin, 3cc to each side of the breast. He perked up a bit and started to try to eat and drink, with me helping to steady him and keep the others away. This morning, not so well as last night, and some blood in the stool, and loose stool. I filled his crop about 2/3 full with baby bird formula, made with the sulmet water, normal strength. He has gained some strength and is walking from point A to point B, but wobbly and weak. Mostly resting. Crossing fingers for yours and mine both. Wish I was smarter sooner.
We go to the store a bit late. but the lady was kind enough to let us in because we were getting medicine

So I mixed up their first batch of water and I took their feed away for the night. I hope they do ok.
on the label it says it's not for laying birds....does that just mean when given to them you can't eat the eggs or you can't give it to them at all? it's called sodium sulfamethazine (sp)
onthespot: I wish I had your energy. I am giving them medicine but I can't picture myself injecting anything in them
Update on my boy. I fed him three times today and he is stronger! He is actually walking a little bit when he has to. He is starting to fight me on the feedings too! (Guess he does not like my cooking,
) I take those as good signs. When I left here a few hours ago, his crop was almost empty from the baby food I gave him, and when I got back, it was fuller than when I left. He feels heavier too. Keeping hydrated on his own, but I will continue to hand feed him until I see him up and around independent and able to function okay.

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