Treatment for possible trachea/windpipe puncture?


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Oct 25, 2015
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Racoon attack yesterday night on my 6 month old Wyandotte resulted in what appear to be puncture wounds on neck and comb area. Visually, damage seems minimal, just neck bruising.

But she is so lethargic and limp, doesn't stand or even sit up, no drinking or eating on her own, super limp neck lolls to one side, eyes open all night but now mostly closed. Every so often she'll stand up, make little cooing sounds, and show interest in water, then go out again. The lack of other serious injuries is what's making me suspect a trachea puncture. Or internal damage?

I've been giving water by syringe with mixture of electrolytes/vitamin powder/Clavamox 75mg/baby aspirin, but she doesn't really want to drink, so hard to get enough down her. Afraid of aspiration. Husband getting home today, so with help this will be easier. Sterilized wounds and applied triple antibiotic ointment ('cain' free) Warm, dry, quiet, dark room on bed of hay. Head propped up. What is the best position for the neck to be propped in?

Second day wheezing is present, not sure if I caused it :( Switched to Metacam, fearing aspirin would cause problems if there is internal bleeding. Seems to be running hot, and definitely dehydrated. Still using oral antibiotic and V&E in water. Wounds look good. There may be a small hiss of air escaping somewhere, but might be imagining it. What else should I be doing ithis is a windpipe injury?

Thanks in advance, everybody, thank goodness for this site! So much valuable experience to draw on!


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Welcome to BYC - sorry for the circumstances. I am guessing that you are about 24 hours post attack. She may still be a little shocky and to me it seems that you have done all of the right things. Hopefully there are no internal injuries and she will rebound tomorrow. If you can see a trachea puncture, a little Crazy Glue can be used to close the hole. Good luck.

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