Treats chickens DON'T Like


Free Ranging
17 Years
Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
What treats DON'T yours like, that you thought they would??? Ours so far: Kix cereal (even crumbled up), strawberry cream cheese, dry catfood. Catfood's not good for them anyway, maybe they already know.
I haven't found any treats that they like yet...tried yogurt, spinach, blueberries and strawberries. They kind of picked up the berries for a second and ran, but then forgot about them a second later! I'll keep trying new things to see what works.
Since when is cat food not good for them? I've heard people give it to them as treats for extra protein.

Mine won't touch cilantro... right now that's all I know that they won't eat..
Ours love catfood! We did at one point pick up about 200 pounds of celery for free. We thought it was a great deal. The chickens would not eat it. We had a lot of celery!

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