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Nov 19, 2012
Fernley, Nevada
Has anyone tried feeding grapes to the hens? I have organic seedless grapes and I cut them up and they absolutely go crazy for them. I also give them dried mealworms, watermelon, saltine crackers. They didn't like the yogurt. They love the grass clippings that I give them after mowing the lawns. Do you have any other suggestions for treats?
I feed my girls grapes everyday.. Grapes are their absolute favorite... I too cut each grape into fours. I would be very careful with the saltines...toooo much salt!! Also on the grass clippings, I see lots of people do what you do... If you were to search for info on Impacted Crop on this site, I believe you will find a posting showing graphic pics of a hen who's crop was impacted with lots of grass. Therefore, I personally would not give my girls grass clippings, however I am a little OCD and worry about everything, so I figure if I don't give them grass clippings, it won't happen to my girls.
Here's a copy of something I posted to someone else's thread a few days ago about treats for your reading enjoyment!!

NO onions, NO potatoes, NO avocados, NO citrus.. Nothing old or moldy... I personally only feed my girls foods I feed myself & family, nutrient dense nothing processed (ie; kraft macaroni & cheese), I make most everything from scratch and fresh ingredients, no boxes or cans..

My girls (3 buff orps & 1 speckled Sussex) love:
grapes (I cut them in small pieces, actually I cut everything I give them in small pieces to avoid crop problems)
brown rice
whole wheat pasta
steel cut rolled oats (cooked for them)
greek yogurt
natural applesauce
no salt cottage cheese
bread (I don't give them 'bread isle' bread, only if it came from the bakery, you know without preservatives)
pizza 'bones' (crust from fresh pizza from the local pizzeria, again with no preservatives)
scrambled eggs w/spinach (yup, their own eggs..only way I can get them to eat greens)
puffed rice cereal (I buy a brand that is just puffed rice, not any other ingredient)
puffed wheat cereal (ditto to above)

My girls turn their beaks up to veggies, so just like with children, I hide them in their oatmeal ie; cucumbers in their oatmeal with yogurt, applesauce & corn, spinach in their scrambled eggs as mentioned above... I make them 'dinner' everyday, approximately 3 hours before sun down. This ensures they eat all their chicken feed and whatever bugs, slugs or worms they find in their 800+ square feet penned in area everyday. They finish everything I give them approximately an hour or so before bedtime, and they go night-night with full crops. My husband and I affectionately call them our 'crazy bitches'. We love them so.........
Best of luck and enjoy, Helen
Hi Helen, thanks for the list of treats you feed your crazy bitches.....I will expand their treat menu. They love mealworms, grapes, crackers, lettuce, banana....I tried greek yogurt, but they did not show any interest in eating it. I'm going to make some cooked oatmeal for them and try that too.
I am new to this, but the ones we feed love tomatoes and peach peels. They also eat banana, egg shells, worms and cucumbers. I have yet to try leftovers. Or bread of any kind. I don't think I will give them anything processed. Today I gave them okra for the first time, so we will see how they like it. I have read not to give them raw egg, as it may make them eat their own eggs. I have been giving them shells only, but still wonder if it won't cause the same problem. So far it hasn't and everyone says shells are good for them.
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