Tree Chick in her tree


Where Chickens Ride Horses
15 Years
Jul 9, 2007
always changing
this is the tree the chicken decided to come live in my yard. Hence her name, Tree Chick

Cotton thinks the garage is her roost.
how often dose she come down, it would not be a good thing if she layed an egg up in the tree. it might hurt passer bys, better yet it would make a good mess
the tree only her roost, she comes down and runs around yard with Cotton, the rescued silkie, then the established chickens go to bed in the pen, and cotton tries to go to garage, then gets moved to her box in barn, and Tree Chick goes to her tree. Tree Chick lays eggs in a box she found in my yard.
actually, I don't go under that tree, as it is low and I would have to crawl, plus it is an oak tree and their leaves are pokey, so only the chickens play under that tree, dirt bathing, eating bugs, hiding from hawks........
makes for an excellent roost though, for a chicken that decided to come live in my yard. the other chickens chase her so she stays there, but she wanted to live her because she picked this place, don't know where she came from, and Cotton was lost in a storm first week of Jan and a friend brought her to me, she needed rescuing. Cotton gets chased by the other hens and so her and Tree Chick became friends, but Cotton doesn't go up in tree. they all are such good girls!

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