tried hot peppers to increase laying.


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Dec 26, 2009
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I tried giving my girls cayenne pepper to increase egglaying last sunday hoping to I would get more eggs, I average 4 eggs a day from 6 hens. Monday I got three eggs. Last night I fed it to them again and today the gave me 2 eggs, I'm not so sure this pepper thing really works, I've never gotten less than 3 eggs a day...
I've never heard of this. Did you read a study of this or just hear about it and tried it? Probably the best way to get good egg production is to feed them layer feed and make sure they stay healthy.
I started the "Cayenne Pepper Diet" a couple weeks ago, and went from 1 egg from 9 hens, to 5-6 eggs a day now. It has worked for me. I had only been getting that one egg from since early November.
In the afternoon, I give them a dish of feed mixed with water and a couple spoonfulls of cayenne. They love it, its their afternoon snack.
The pepper gets the blood pumping like it would in the summer heat, good to use in the winter. They can't taste the heat in the pepper. I found it took a couple days to get working.
Im have my doubts about the pepper working. Its more likely that we're coming into spring and they will increase naturally from increased daylight.
My hens are white rocks, and I read about cayenne pepper on here. Another possibility may be that they don't like being cooped up during the day while I'm at work, they have a 12 by12 run and when I get home I let them free range , and on the weekend I let them free range all day. Every weekend I've gotten either 4 or 5 eggs each day, and during the week I get 3 most days, and 4 on occasion.
But the sudden drop right after feeding the pepper has me wondering...
Think this is an Old Wive's Tale!

4 out of 6 is 60% laying average. What do you want?

Spring time, egg laying average will be increasing because of longer days and warmer temps.
I havr tried the cayenne pepper twice in the last 2 monthes. Both times I went from 3-4 eggs a day to 0-1 a day. I quit and they went back to 3-4 a day within 2-3 days. The first time I tried it for almost 2 weeks and the second time for a week. I have 14 chicks.
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Just came back from the coop with 5 eggs, one of them was 4.03 oz.!!! I'm sure it's a double yoker, I'll find out tomorrow morning!!

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