Tried louse powder, but its not working!!! HELP


7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
Hi, I have three chickens all with lots of lice for the past two weeks I have been putting louse powder on them every other day. But they are still crawling with them. Am I doing somthing wrong?
It sounds like they have it pretty bad. I use permethrin 10%. You dilute it in water then spray the chickens down with it. When you spray them be very generous. Mine are sopping wet when I am done with them. The main places to spray are under their chin, behind their head, under their wings, under their crop and near and around their vent. The lice will literaly die on contact. I only have to treat once even if they are crawling with them. What it does is destroy the exoskeleton of the insect so their bones are literally gone once they touch it. I would also use it to spray their coop, areas they were in, beading, etc. It stays on them for a while so it will kill hatching ones as well. I always keep it on hand just in case! Also works with other live stock but read the directions before using it on other animals just in case. Good luck Hope this helps!

Here is a picture of the specific kind I use
Have you cleaned the coop out at the same time as treating them? You have to treat the birds and the coop...twice... to kill bugs.
I've had one lousy hen for months and I've been dusting her and her four coop mates faithfully with poultry dust. I've also cleaned their coop and dusted the coop each time I did the birds. But I can't seem to get rid of them.

She's losing feathers and she looks like she's molting but I know it's the lice. It's been going on too long. Funny how she's so infested and the others are not. They may have a few but they're not like her. Now that the warm weather is here I'm going to get some permethrin and either dunk them or spray them down. I'll let you know how it goes!
I would stop with the dusting because it's not helping. Clean out the whole coop, bedding and all, and thouroughly clean and disinfect everything, especially nest boxes, the roosts, and any cracks in the wall or floor. Get the chickens some sort of dip. Permethrin sounds good. There are assortment of dips out there. If possibly get a temporary shelter somewhere, a box in the garage, and perhaps give the coop a second spraying. Perhaps even powder the run with dust. Once everything is dry get new bedding and put them back in the coop. burn the box. Make sure they have no access to wild birds including pigeons. Keep monitoring them daily for bugs.
can someone describe a louse please. I just went to check my setting hen. reached in to pet her and my arm had small black bugs all over it! I washed them off immediately but I still am feeling the crawling!
ivermectin pour on for cattle.......... 3 or 4 drops from an eye dropper on skin, between wings on back, and your done............. kills all bugs and worms them all at once..... 12 bucks or so from amazon will last you years......... this is by far the easiest most effective........
Here are some pictures of poultry lice. Looks almost just like human lice. Thankfully humans can't get it because these go specifically go after birds.Sorry the pictures are a tad small. I wanted pictures to show what they look like rather than infested, dead/ dieing birds which I know no one on here would let it get that horrific.

Were the bugs you saw solid black or were the centers of them black? Pin head size or a bit bigger?

What eggs look like on feathers

Actual lice

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