Trim a chick bum

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5 Years
Sep 29, 2017
Northern Utah
Yep, that's what I said. Hear me out. I'm leaving on Thursday for 9 days and a friend is going to babysit my 3-week old silkies. He's VERY new to chickens, and he's never had to deal with the silkies never-ending pasty butt. So I was curious if anyone has ever trimmed their butt feathers a bit to make pasty butt a little less frequent. Would that really hurt them at all? I'm not talking shaving them down to the skin. Just a little trim. A CAREFUL trim.
One of my Rhode Island Red chicks had pasty butt and I ended up cutting just a little bit off because I was afraid of pulling too much... it didn't seem to bother anything and now (one week later) I can't tell at all, she just has a nice, normal fluffy butt. FWIW, she was only 4 days old at the time and now she's 10 days.

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