Trimming a Polish's crest?


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Bradleyville, MO
Is there a way, or is it even possible, to trim the feathers in a Polish's crest? If not, maybe I could put it up in a ponytail? LOL Seriously. My SLPC Cricket is having a hard time seeing. I know that is a hazard of the breed, but I'm worried about her getting snatched up by a hawk or something b/c she doesn't see it. Her flock mates are really good at talking to her so she knows what is going on, but occasionally she gets separated and I have to carry her to them.

Has anyone else trimmed crest feathers?
I trimmed the feathers on my polish roo's crest the other day.
Just trim down the feathers with scissors like a haircut but just don't go to close to the base of the feather (i heard it could bleed if you do)
Just get one person to hold it still for you while you do it otherwise you may poke it in the eye so be careful.
Yes! Absolutely! I had a friend hold my girl while I trimmed the feather in front of her eyes and then the feathers that hung down over the sides to block her view. It really did make a huge difference in her happiness. Good luck!
I use a pair of haircutter's scissors and give my polish girl haircuts regularly. I give her a sloppy mohawk. I'm afraid to use pony tails because I don't want to use a band that might encourage the other chickens to peck at her head.
I thought I would also have to cut my polish cockerels poof, but his falls perfectly to each side of his head. Plus, by the way he hauls butt when I approach him I can tell he sees just fine.
Here's some examples - (pardon the messed up or broken feathers)





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