Trimming roosters claws....bleeding


8 Years
Jan 4, 2012
I tried to trim the tips of my rooster's claws and I nipped at least one of them. He's dripping blood in decent amounts to scare me. I had a pet bird for many years so I thought I was extra careful just to take the tips...but I must have cut at least one. I just dipped the toes in baking soda since I read that will stop the bleeding. My daughter put him back in the coop since he was out prior. I'm sure he won't sit still until the bleeding stops. Any word of advice to help him out? Also, this can't be fatal can it?? ((Not that I'd mind too much at this point...he's turned into a wretched thing and my daughter is the only one who can handle him and she's 8!)) Anyway...let me know how bad this is because I'm not really sure! Thanks!
If it is cut really badly if you put a wax material on it that should stop the bleeding...if it is bleeding a lot he could cause him to get sick and could fatally kill him...however I have only had one friend thats hen died that way...just keep an eye on him and see what happens
Well, I left him go and he went to roost for the night still bleeding. I heard him crow early this am, so I know he didn't bleed to death. :) I'll check him again after work.

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