trimming silkies crest

As long as they are not pin feathers you should be fine. Meaning, if the feather is actually out of the shaft, (does not look like a porcupine quill) your good. Trim away.
Yeah, it should be fine. Is he thin? I'd suggest putting that waterer on the ground or on some bricks so it would be easier for him to access it and try hand feeding him some baby parrot formula with some v&e mixed in. Hope he pulls through, he's gorgeous!
Nothing to worry about. I just trimmed the crests on my silkies a few days ago. I don't like for it to come down over their eyes and effect their vision and mine aren't for show, just hopefully broodies, plus it makes them like more like chickens than a walking fuzz ball. LOL
If God had not wanted your silkies to see and/or stay dry, he wouldn't have given your husband a beard trimmer for you to "borrow" and take a couple of straight cuts up in front of and on the side of their eyes.

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