Trio of Paint Silkies BUY IT NOW


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Please Place Sold on Reply only Do not Pm Me unless you have questions. This auction is BUY it Now.

Trio of Paint Silkies- This will ship with veggies Express Mail. These will not be bathed due to the weather but will be sprayed for Mites.

This is a very nice trio The cockerel only has a little tiny speck of black hard to see. The pullets have no spots on them. These all came from my paint pen of nothing but paints in it. These are 7 Months old and have the correct amount of toes with nice foot feathering. The feet are not greatest pics due to the snow in mud here.
BUY IT NOW: $100.00 Shipping: $65.00 Local Pickup is always welcome. I accept paypal, Google Checkout & Money Orders.
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Lot # 1 Pictures of the Paints:

Cockerel: With 1 Speck of Black

Paint Pullet #2: No Spots

Paint Pullet #1: No Spots

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