Trip to colorado...T minus 25 hours and counting!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by classroomducks, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    I have a small dog carrier that I am going to put 1 pekin and two mallards in it together. That leaves 5 pekins in the large dog crate. I am planning on giving them water but no food...and putting a puppy pad or two down on the bottom of the carrier. I am going to enclose the bottom edges and the doors of the crates so no poopy can escape and then I am going to put a blanket over the top so they cannot see out. It is a 12 hour car ride and about a 5 hour stop at one house before we move to the next house. In all they will be in the crates a total of 17 hours with small breaks inbetween. Any advice from anyone is appricated. Can they go that long without food? or should i give them treats inbetween? Any ideas for bedding and any other suggestions would be helpful. Lucky for us, this is a one way trip as this is where they will be staying in their forever home. Soon I will be the expert on traveling with ducks and you all will be coming to me for tips...until then...HELP!!!
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    I would highly advise leaving some of the pet carrier open towards the top so that heat can escape. Too much heat can create respiratory issues that you don't want to have to deal with. I actually transport birds in the car using Rubbermaid containers I customized so that they didn't get poo in the car, doesn't help with the odor but sure beats having duck poo on the seats.

    Also, as opposed to water something you can do which won't spill is soak a head of shredded iceburg lettuce in water (I usually use electrolyte water when shipping) overnight, drain, and then provide that in the carrier. While they can tip it over, it won't leak out of the carrier. The nutrients are minimal but the lettuce is made up of mostly water and if you choose to use electrolytes that will help keep them hydrated. They can go much longer without food than they can water so I wouldn't worry about food along the way, besides the fact that to have food they really need water to help swallow & to clean out their nostrils if needed.


    Hope this helps!
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    Good luck on your trip! I hope they don't have some type of ducky evil planned in revenge for the socks; that still makes me laugh! I have one of the pics saved that I use sometimes as wallpaper on my computer. Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    Thanks MDC. That is helpful. I ll make sure i let everyone know how it goes. as far as the evil just waiting for execution. Im glad you enjoyed the pictures cause they sure didnt like the socks. At least some good came out of it. lol. This is going to be one very long car ride.
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    I knooow the socks were greeat lol.
    Good luck with the trip. I hope it goes well. Let me know what music they like the most!!
    I managed to get my wonderful neighbour to look after mine this weekend. It's the first time I've left them an I'm gonna miss em, I know it's dumb but I love them sooo much! My neighbour said in exchange could I look after his cat. Ya I got the reeeal easy end of that bargain.
    Please little ducks behave this weekend. Don't pull the same stunt you pulled two days ago when it took 55 minutes to get you into the hut. And don't explodo butt the hut and don't leave any dead mice in the waterbowl and please be quiet and friendly cos momma's got a trip to california comin up an she needs somebody to look after you.
    I'll be thinkin of you an your travellin ducks xxxx
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    Oct 2, 2009
    do ducks catch mice? [​IMG]

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