Tropical Storm Lee

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Jun 25, 2011
First time with chickens. First time with a storm of this magnitude. I'm an hour north of New Orleans... but I am still worrying about my chickens. It's a wee bit late now, but is there anything else I can do for my chickens? I put all their feed in their coop, as all I know, it will just get wet where it normally stays. What are all the other Louisiana (and other gulf folks) doing? Am I worrying about nothing?
Having just endured a Hurricane here on the east coast, there were many great threads on here that have great advice. I made sure my chickens had all the food and water that they would need for the day. I made sure that the vents were closed on the rainy side and then switched them when the winds changed. I also brought in some of my smaller chickens...I have a mixed flock and didn't want my NNs and other big guys getting bored and picking on my bantams, into my basement and kept them safe and dry in dog crates. If your coop is water tight, they should be fine. If you are worried and you can, bring them in for an overnight! It really made me feel better
Not doing anything in particular. This one isn't much worse than an afternoon thunderstorm, just longer duration.
Now if this was a serious hurricane, I might take some measures to ensure the roof stays on the coop but otherwise, not much else to do.
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I'm on high ground 45 miles north of Fort Walton Beach FL now but used to live in Destin. We had some flooding with some tropical storms. The longest storm I had to deal with was George. Three days of wind and rain sitting on top of us. And the surge. That was something. Opal ripped through quick and pushed everything, sand, boats, barges, homes, up to high ground. I have a tightly screwed in long roof on my main chicken house. The feed shed is connected to that. Yes, it still leaks a little if there is a hard rain. We learned that if we seal our metal trash cans seams with silicone caulk, inside and out, and line each new batch of feed with a heavy duty can liner our feed stays dry and bug free. Each can holds 3 50lb bags of feed. I learned that the price of feed goes up when gas goes up after coastal storms. Our property is the highest point of our neighborhood. No more storm surge for me. Our coops are almost storm proof. If one of our trees goes they will take out whatever is underneath. So, its up to you. If you have a high and dry spot to store feed and put your birds do it. Good luck
Nothing I can do but just wait it out. I put their feeders under the raised coop out of the weather. They have access to go in and out fo their coops, houses and stalls. Just cross our fingers and hope everything turns out ok.
I had to put their feeders in the coop. The chicken run was flooded this morning, and later became very muddy. I do no think there would have been a better place in our yard to put the run, as the whole yard is now a swamp.
And we still have three more days of rain! So far recorded 7in of rain in the past 24 hours. My chickens are still faring well... but they are damp. The poor dears!
They will be fine!! Like everyone else said just make sure they have food & water. It's warm outside so them being wet won't hurt them!!
Just think it's almost over!! 2 more days!!

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