trouble controlling humidity


5 Years
Mar 17, 2014
hello, I have been hatching eggs since the spring, however I have had some trouble with the most recent hatches, I am fairly confident the trouble is humidity, we live in a very humid area and I have trouble getting it below 60, some days it jumps to 65 or higher, it goes down somewhat when I turn on the AC but I cant leave it on all day every day or I will need a second mortgage to pay my power bills.

my last hatch I had only 25% success rate, now I have a hatch that should have started this morning and out of 42 eggs I have no pips always put the eggs in Monday around noon and they go into lock down the Friday before hatch, I usually have pips starting Sunday morning and at least 1-2 hatch Sunday and lots of pips when I wake up on monday hatching day.. currently its 133pm Monday (hatching day) and not a single pip.. its also been insanely humid the past 2 weeks

does anyone have any advice to keep humidity down in the humid summer? ive tried putting rice in the bottom of the incubator (maybe I need to add way more? I have about half a cup.. debating putting 2-3 full cups next time..) any other ideas or tips anyone has to keep it down?

I also add no water whatsoever since its so humid already.
ive been looking for one whenever ive been out the past few weeks, but they all seem to be large very expencive units that I just cant justify (plus the huge power requirements for large power sucking units) unfortunately I live in rural Ontario, so I pay 20 - 30 cents per KWh so power is a huge cost for me. if I can find a smaller more efficient model for a small room then I would go for it. but they seem to be harder to find then they were even a year or two ago :(

what I have started doing is building a small "nursery" room in my barn, its about 35 square feet and will be fully insulated and used for the incubator and a brooder for new chicks,. so if I can find a small de humidifier to run in there I will do that, but most of the ones I find seem to be for a whole house or really large rooms etc (last time our shopping the cheapest one I could find was still over $150)

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