Trouble with Chicks dying in shell after Day 20.


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6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
I have 2 incubators going. One is for Day 1-18. The other is for Day 19 to 21. The last hatch I transferred I heard several of the eggs chirping during the transfer from one incubator to the other. Then none of them hatched. I have two different Hygrometers in the hatching incubator. One old fashioned one and one digital one. They both read different on the humidity. (VERY Different) The digital one will read 64% and the old fashioned one will read 100% at the same time. I have Very little water in the hatching incubator. I am in Alabama. I have a piece of a sponge in there for emergency water adds. Just now I have a chick that hatched and I could tell the inner layer of the shell was a little rubbery at the last part of the hatching. The chick is somewhat sticky. The digital Hygrometer has read 40-50% for the last 2 days and the old fashioned one has read 70-100%. The chicks were at around 25-35% the first 18 days in the other incubator. What do I need to do different? Any help is appreciated as I am still a newbie on the hatching stuff.

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