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Sep 13, 2009
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I was holding one of my chicks (just a few days old), and he fell off my hand onto the table... and onto a loose piece of masking tape. It's stuck directly under his wing and he's unable to fold it correctly... making the wing stick out to the side. I'm worried that peeling the tape might hurt its wing by removing fluff or damaging the joint and leaving the tape might cause it to be badly formed as it matures. Any ideas?
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Do you have a pair of very small scissors that you can gently cut some of the chick fluff off close to the tape?
I'll have to continue looking for my pair of small medical scissors, but with some kitchen shears I've trimmed the tape as much as I could. The rest seems firmly attached to the underside of the chick's wing.
I wonder if a pet clipper would help? I have a horse clipper that has a #40 blade that cuts hair off RIGHT next to the skin; of course, you'd have to be VERY VERY careful!
some veg oil will take it right off...better to be missing a few feathers than permanently deformed!
I know I don't need any more ugly deformed chicks (one from that hatch was butt UGLLLYYY!!). I think I'll try the peanut butter when I get done with school. I bet the other chicks will go crazy over him after though with all the peanut butter lol!!

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