True Ameracauna blue/black/splash muffs or no muffs?

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10 Years
Mar 24, 2009
I have some blue/black/splash Ameracaunas that are 12 weeks old. Some of them have the muffs and tufts and some do not. Should I still use the ones without the muffs for breeding or is it a flaw. I thought they should all have muffs and beards. They came from a very reputable breeder so I know they are good stock, but not sure if I should sell the ones without the tufts and just keep the others.
They are supposed to have beard and muffs. Do not use the ones without beards and muffs for breeding.

If you purchased your birds from a breeder in the area that you live, this seems to be common in her birds. I still get one every once in a while as I also have some birds from that line.

You may get more than you share of chicks that are clean faced because the chicks you purchased could be carrying one copy of the beard and muff gene and one clean faced gene, so when mated together, it's a 50-50 chance.

I would recommend getting a cockerel or cock from another breeder to cover your gals for breeding.

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