True Blue Whiting info please?



7 Years
Mar 14, 2015
Northern Colorado
I discovered a breed I think I need :D

True blue whiting? Never heard of it until I was playing with the chick selector on McMurrays... Here they are.

They sound intriguing, almost exactly what I'm attempting to cross myself!

Blue eggs, hardy in cold or hot weather, exellent free ranging layer.

Anyone have info or tips to share to encourage, or discourage me from adding these beauties to my free ranging flock?

TIA :)
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Most definitely... There aren't even any reviews!

They look mediterranean... Or maybe lke there's some Andalusian or Hamburg-ish tails floating around...also see some that look Australorp-like...

Need to do a broader search for what genetics this Whiting used.....

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Dunno what exactly is used in the Whiting birds, but UofA started those Blues a long time ago... it's a simple concept, really... crossing a Leghorn breed with a blue egger breed... blue egg shell color is dominate, and the Leghorn adds the higher egg production... I believe DMRippy crosses Cream Legbars with White Leghorns and those are called Sapphires...

For simple production of colored eggs, they are a good choice... any of them... :)
Thanks @RavynFallen, I hadn't seen them on the chick selector before, and they look like what I'm trying to accomplish, but I've got Andalusian to give me the blue; maybe these would save all my guesswork ;)

Let us know what you think @KHoward; I have too many birds right now, so DH won't let me place an order yet lol, but I am oukd be waiting until March anyway, so keep us posted (or me anyway ha-ha) so I can order some of them if they look like a good batch :)
I too am interested in getting some of these. I found the picture difficult to determine comp type so I contacted MM with the question of pea comb or rosecomb and was surprised when they replied back that they are singlecombs.


They sure don't look it in the picture posted on the MM site and posted in this thread.
I might just place an order for a few of these as I want to get a few other chicks this spring... I'm real curious to see 'how blue' the eggs really are as photos can be quite deceptive without a color balance or known color reference in the photo...

I'm personally not real fond of the lean and upright posture of these birds as pictured, but if they produce a nice true blue large egg as advertised, it might be interesting to use them to create other blue layers that differ from most of the hatchery EEers that have really become a diluted mess of egg colors...

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