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Aug 16, 2007
Louisville, Kentucky
I live in the middle of nowhere and Orscheln's and Tractor Supply (our two farm stores) don't carry 48" chicken wire, so I'm trying to buy some online. I hate to buy sight unseen, so can anyone tell me a good brand of chicken wire or a certain thickness or some store that carries a strong chicken wire????? The last I bought was so flimsy and lasted no time.

This is for a day enclosure. My night pens use hardware cloth.
Do you have a Home Depot or lowes nearby? I found good 48" x 1" and 48" x 2" at both.
I understand they both ship in the US. They haven't quite figured out rural shipping in Canada yet.
Chicken wire....or 1/2" hardware cloth?

I see you've had some predator problems......chicken wire will not protect much against predators.
19ga (or 16 ga) 1/2" hardware cloth will do a better job, but way more expensive.
yes I had a chicken massacre but they were out free ranging. I'm fixing them a 10x30 ft enclosed area inside the barn just for daytime only. I'm attaching chicken wire to something similar to paddock fencing so the fox can't come thru the fence slats. My only worry is he can climb the fence although the chicken wire will be on the inside so he can't climb up that. I have cinder blocks around the bottom inside edge of the boards also and I plan on laying down strips of plywood beneath the cinder blocks to stop any digging if they were industrious enough to want to dig under a cinder block. I'm trying to install a security camera inside the barn but so far the metal is preventing it from working.

Thanks...I'll ask at Tractor Supply. They had no chicken wire at all when I was there.

I didn't know there was 2 inch wire so I know to look for hole size...I definitely need the 1 inch wire. Nearest Lowes or Home Depot is an hour away.

That $9 wire sounds like what I need. I only need 25 foot of wire. The sooner I get this done, the sooner they can come out and I have a sliding door that I can open so they can get sunshine..although that doorway will be the tricky part to fix because I have nothing 10 ft wide to cover the opening. I tried using a cattle panel but it doesn't reach the entire width.

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If you are looking for a complete predator proof coop and run, I have a suggestion for you. I raised pheasants for a few years and even with the 1" chicken wire, racoons still were able to reach through and grab birds. I solved this problem by putting up some reclaimed corrugated roofing around the outside of my run. Burried a foot in the ground and four feet up the sides. This kept the birds more calm even when my cats wandered past and also deterred the coons from grabbing birds through the wire and climbing as well. I understand that not everyone has access to reclaimed roofing but this method does work best as far as I am concerned. I haven't lost a bird since.
I'd never be able to dig anything that deep. So far the strips of plywood and/or wood have been really effective at doors and edges. It sinks down into the ground and really is invisible later on.

There's always the 'apron' idea...can be buried just enough to miss the mower blades.

Corner mesh is out of scale in this graphic, but don't forget to do the corners.


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