trying to candle eggs before selling them.

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    background: one of my banty hens has gone broody, for the first few days I just kept taking the eggs, but then my dd asked if we could just let her set some and I agreed. So, we stopped removing the eggs (her own and other hens). Then two days later, my dh went out and got eggs and got ALL of them even the ones under Ms. Broody.
    And... he put them all with the other eggs.

    So, tonight is the night we sell our eggs and I am frantic, I do not want to sell eggs that will be gross on the inside. If she only set on them for two days, is the result going to be "disturbing" to a customer?
    I have candled them as best I can, but I have only pictures from this forum to go by, so I honestly don't know if I'm seeing anything or not. I pulled out two eggs that I just couldn't tell if they were clear or not.

    I guess my main question is what will the insides look like after two days of incubation? I hate to not sell any of the several dozen I have, but again, I don't know if it will look too disturbing if I missed one.


    And yes, this time, I let her keep three eggs and MARKED them so there can be no further mistakes.
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    I wouldn't risk it. Even after only 2 days there will be signs of development, maybe even clear blood vessels forming. Sorry!

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