Trying to figure out breed of the random hen


Aug 5, 2013
We had a random hen show up in our flock one day. We asked around but she's not the neighbors and no one can recall anyone having chickens that look like her so we think someone dropped her off. Which is not surprising (we run a horse rescue so all types of animals get dropped off) but we are curious of her breed. Our flock is Rhode Island Red X Black Cooper Marans and she sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb lol and she makes the prettiest babies! Any ideas?

Sorry but she is very flighty so it would be impossible to get a better picture. And, if it helps, she lays fairly large white eggs and is a very active layer. We get one from her nearly every single day. Any ideas?
Game hen? Hmm *goes to look that up* and no, she's actually never gone broody. She is, however, a sneaky mom! She lays in the nesting box most of the time (we let the flock free-range at the moment) but when one of the other hens goes broody she slips her eggs into their nests! We've gotten three from her so far. The Rooster for the first two was a pure RIR and the second one was a RIR X BCM

The little gold chick in the first pic with her is one of hers with a white and silver sister that's not in the picture from the RIR and below is her daughter from the RIR X BCM cross.


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