Trying to figure out my ducks bill

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Oct 19, 2021
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Hello guys
I recently picked up 3 Swedish babies at a day old now 5 weeks old
One of the moms they came from has a gene of possibly Rouen in her ? But what I am really curious about is the beak
One has a rounded down beak the other two are regular
What are your thoughts ?
The dad is a silver Swedish
The moms are 1 silver and 3 blue
One of the moms has the faint eye lines so she has to be mixed and possibly why mine have the eye marks as well


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The bill reminds me of a Dutch Hookbill Duck. Is there any chance they had any Hookbills?
She doesn’t have any at all
But she did buy the adult group of Swedish in the winter so can’t guarantee what they could have for genes
They were sold as purebred to her but seeing the eye markings in the one moms ducklings and now this bill as well has us curious
I also thought hook bill
Hm, thats a tricky one. Maybe just ask him upfront “How much was your bill?“ then he might tell you. Figuring out how much they owe is tricky. Maybe put it on his tab?
These ducklings came from a friend of mine
She bought the Swedish group as adults and listed as purebred group
She just started to hatch their eggs and so this is the first she is seeing from them
She herself doesn’t own any hook bill ducks
I am kinda excited she may have the gene in her through
She does quack a little so definitely my girl
The other one with eye markings is starting to sound female as well and gas straight beak. The silver is quiet I think a boy

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