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To start off, I know they are mixed breed birds. I am just trying to figure out parents. They just hatched Tues. The rooster was a RIR and the hens were of the following.... RIR, Red Sex Links from Hoovers Hatchery last year spring, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Barred Rocks and Black Australorps oh and maybe a Black Sex Link too.

So I got some nice red chicks I am assuming RIR's, I got some black ones with yellow spots on head and yellow on wing tips. I got a black one with no spot on head. Then I got these cute white or cream with brown chimpmuck markings on their backs. Any ideas based on that? I can add pics later today.
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i am gonna guess the black w/yellow spots on their heads will be barred (and are Barred Rock x RIR : Black Star/Black Sex Link
Rhode Island Red (RIR) X Barred Plymouth Rock or New Hampshire X Barred Rock
Black Sex Link
The roosters will look like a barred rock, with a slight tint of red when full grown and black with a white dot on their heads when babies. The females will look all black as chicks and black with a red/brown breast when full grown. These guys tend to lay larger eggs for an extended period of time.)

the only other cross you are close to is Cinnamon Queen New Hampshire (Red) X Silver Laced Wyandotte

It will be interesting to see what you turn out with...
The chicks with head spots should be males, barred black sex links. That's from your barred rock hens.

The red/slw cross is trickier with all these mixes, but in that case a silver chick is a male and a gold chick is a female.

The rest you won't really be able to tell til they're older. I have the same thing going right now, a bunch of mixed breeds and wanting to see who mommas were. Mine are not quite two weeks, still too early!
The black chicks with black legs could possibly be Marans I am not good at telling what the lighter chicks are tho maybe someone else will know.
They can't be Marans because I don't have any. If you go to the first post you will see the hens I have that crossed with a RIR rooster.
They can't be Marans because I don't have any. If you go to the first post you will see the hens I have that crossed with a RIR rooster.

I am sorry I went straight down to the pictures.

The ones with black legs can be Australorp my Australorp mixes all throw black legs so far.

The ones with white dot on the head since you crossed with a RIR rooster will be black sex links and since they have a dot will be roos.
When I crossed my Buff Orpington Rooster with my Barred rocks I got black sex links.
So I am assuming since the RIR has the Red coloring it would do similar.
But someone could correct me if I am wrong.

This is what my black sex link roos turned out to look like.

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