Trying to find my birth parents...sniff...can you help?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
North Carolina

This is Dolly, I posted some photos of Dolly a few weeks ago, and didn't get any ideas on what breed. So since a few weeks have passed any ideas now on breed and gender? The age is around 8-9 weeks, cant find the calendar that I have the exact date writtend on. TIA!

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Bantom bin at TS. But she doesn't seem to be any smaller than the others that are her age, at this point. She did seem smaller in the beginning.
I love that her beak and face have so much black and brown.
IT is a female black sex link,

it is an auto sex hybrid that has a RiR roo as the father and barred rock for a mother

hope this helped
I'm new to chickens but..... She looks like my partridge rock girls? Maybe? So pretty! I love my partridge rocks.

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