Trying to get a broody to accept chicks tonight, any advice?


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
San Jose, Ca
I have 2 broodies atm sitting on some eggs, but I've incubated some eggs and would rather slip these under them, as the eggs they are sitting on are going to be staggerd hatch. ( long story and sneaky chickens)

I moved her yesterday to the new brooding pen in her box, and she hasn't budged an inch. But I am nervous because I tried this with my first broody hen last week and she picked the hell out of the chicks and I had to rescue them. ( she went back to her other box and is now sitting on 4 gold balls)

I am moving them early this morning before light so I can keep an eye on her when she wakes up and if she rejects them they won't freeze to death. Any other advice to make sure I don't end up with a upset hen and a bunch of dead chicks? This is sparkles first time having chicks, she lived without a rooster or fertile eggs before we got her. But supposedly she will go broody about 3x a season, so she is determined!

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