Trying to get hen to adopt

momma chickie

6 Years
May 6, 2016
My hen has 5 chicks, I was hoping for more so I thought I would get a few chicks at the feed store.
I had read both ways...face to face intro or slip under hen late at night.
Face to face worked for 1 that looked like one of hers (blended in) the other 2 had markings like another one of hers but were a little darker....she immediately gave them "getaway" pecks. I spent an hour with her but she just wasn't having it.
So next was late night slip under her...I got up at dawn so I would be there when they all woke up. Good think I was. The chicks imprinted with her and the other babies but as soon as she spotted them she picked one up and tossed it, then went into wings out, feet up, full attack to kill mode!
I was able to grab her and hold onto her until I could grab the babies.
Someone said I should try again my question of the more knowledgeable ones here, is it worth trying again or given her double rejection and violent reaction, just give up and raise them in the house until they can join the flock?


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