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    Apr 5, 2017
    Hi, I don't know if anyone can help me?

    I have a brick 1 and a half story bungalow and sometimes in the top of the pillar morning doves would nest on a small flat are.
    But this year on our back porch on the very top step of a wooden ladder we had leaning against a wall with the top down maybe 20 or 25 percent towards the wall and some sticks kinda randomly placed. The wall covered the western side of the porch where the prevailing wind comes from. Last night there were several thunderstorms, but the dove seemed untouched.
    The next morning I think the dove was ok I think, but I didn't notice as I let the dog out. ( I never saw the dog bother the ladder, nest or dove although until the dove seeming got used to us it would flap against the ceiling porch and then fly out one of the two open sides. Anyway late morning I heard the dove call several times then not long after I let the dog out and found a small cracked egg with stain next to it and the dove on a nearby tree. Is there any chance the dove will nest again and or I can give it a more secure spot. My wife and I like critter and just want to help. Could I put a bird feeder and or some kinda nest.

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