Trying to lay first egg


10 Years
May 22, 2009
San Francisco, CA
My 23 week old barred rock looks like she's trying to lay her first egg. She got up this morning, ate and looked for a nesting site. She has one and stayed there several hours scratching the shavings. Later she came our making the loudest sounds according to my husband and looked him. He checked, no egg. Then she got quiet and went back into the coop. She's been going in and out all day.

Is this normal for a first egg??? Thanks.
:frowha! just asked about the same thing too!!!
It's crazy making! I can't wait to get home and see what's going on. What you were describing in your post some folks call the "chicken dance". Yes, they're getting ready to lay! How long has it been happening?
thats what happened to me but it was under a pile of brush. she would go in and come out making a big fuss but no egg. Two days later I checked again because she was making lots of noise and there was my first egg! she has layed an egg everyday for 3 days now. Sounds like yours will be laying soon!!!
Hmmm, she is is chicken....whenever she is ready....But the wait can make you CRAZY!!!!! I waited forever (it seems) for mine to lay....had red combs and wattles, nest checking but nothing until 24 weeks...And only one started laying. Two others have been squatting and squaking but no eggs from them yet.....Anytime now.....I'm ready......OK, girls......
Well, let's hope this starts us all off to a great start.

Just got home and she laid her egg!!!!! It's brown, hard shelled (not a soft shelled like can happen with the first.) and about the size of a store bought one.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They really DO lay eggs!

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