trying to save abandoned chicken - please help

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    We are new chicken owners - we have had 6 chickens for one year and they are healthy and happy. The man who plows our driveway asked us to take in 5 chickens that his friend abandoned. We did and have had them for one week. One of the chickens was looking strange yesterday and staying by herself - I picked her up and yellow liquid came pouring out of her mouth. Her crop seems to be full and her hind regioun had a large bumpy mass in it. We took her to the vet and she did one xray and said it looked like grit or small pebbles in her crop and stomach. She is very thin and was dehydrated. We cant afford to do surgery to check her crop so the vet gave us 4 meds and told us to feed her pellets, bread with peanut butter, keep her separate and see how she is over the weekend. She also gave her fluid and meds in an injection.

    She seemed better yesterday but doesnt look great today - and the water is pouring out her beak again. I think this is sour crop becuase her crop is large and squishy. Everything I have read on these sites say to stop food and give her yogurt, water and monostat. I am not sure what to do. If I have her vomit (which I did yesterday before going to the vet) her medicine will come out. Do I start monistat on top of the meds she is on...UGH..I could really use advice!
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    Never start another medication on top of what a vet has given you without first confirming contraindications with the vet. Big no-no, there. You can cause more harm that good if they do contraindicate. I know nothing about what is going on with your girl, hon, so I can't help there; but, if you do want to switch her over to what you've seen here - talk to your vet about the meds she is on and find out if you need to stop her meds all together or if they can be used with monostat.

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