trying to throw up -- what to do???

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  1. bezenar

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    May 21, 2010
    My guinea hen looks pretty bad. She keeps trying to throw up (at least that's what it looks like -- as if her long neck is doing the hula and she's heaving). Just saw this after I fed the chickens, first thing in the morning.

    So frustrating! I visited the vet last weekend with the other 2 naked neck hens and it turns out that they have totally different problems -- nothing contagious!!! -- but both are definitely sick from 2 different probems. Now the guinea is doing poorly also.

    3 hens, at least 6 years old each, then one gets sick, then the other, and now the guinea.

    The guinea was perfect last night! Now this. Each one with a totally different ailment.

    I'm stuck. I'm lost.

  2. MotherJean

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    What's wrong with the other two? Maybe that will offer a clue. Have you changed feed? Are these birds free rangers or confined? Worms, snails, and slugs can be an intermediate host for gapeworm. If your guinea eats a lot of those, you might consider that possibility. If a bird is struggling for air (like with gapeworm) it can look like they're trying to throw up. Perhaps more information will get some better answers here. Otherwise, you probably have no other choice but another vet visit.

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