TSC Chick ID please :)


12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
South Dakota
So..I couldn't wait until April 18th, when my huge order is coming in...these little guys came home with me:

I have 2 of these-pretty sure they are white Silkies:


One of these-in the pullet bin:

One of these-in the bantam bin:


One of these-in the bantam bin:


Three of these-in the pullet bin:

#1 is a silkie
#3 is a cochin

#2 might be a game bantam of some sort... hard to tell. Alot of breeds are chipmunked
#4 is also hard to narrow down just yet. But if you got it in the pullets it's probrably a black star or some black hybrid.
Thank you tnchickenut
I was wondering about the one being a cochin. Looks like I messed up and put a third pic of one of the silkies, I have another just yellow chick from the pullet bin-they had a pic of barred rocks, a "red" of some sort, and then what I think was a leghorn...thinking that's probably what that one is. I was hoping the little chipmunk one would be unique, but if that's a common color/markings, I'm out of luck lol!
No no... you are not out of luck. I got a TSC JUST like it last year... took me 10 months or so to ID it. Looked just like it. It was a OEGB. Or I think so at least.... on of my favorite oddball bantams. Matter of fact, I had two... hawk or owl got one and I don't cry about nature doing what it has to to survive like some people do.... but I boo hooed for that hen. So I still have the one, though. I'd take a photo for you really quick but we got flooded and to be honest... it's in 3 inches of mud. (I got pallets down for the birds but still not fun for me to be in)

I meant that alot of chicks are painted like that... I got three myself from my TSC because the of the mystery of the chipmunked chicks. lol. Sounds like a pre-teen novel. LOL!!

I may have a photo.... I'll PM you.
Yep, White Silkies in that lot LOL! Bearded kind.

Chipmunk colored chick: probably OE bantam, Partridge Rock bantam (depends on the hatchery they got them from)

Black feathered legged chick: look alot like a Black Cochin

Black penguin chick: Black Australorps, that's for sure. Make sure it has brown eyes instead of yellow or silver on other breeds because sometimes they can be mistaken for Black Minorcas if it has white earlobes.
Thank you ladies
Whatever they are, they are sure fun to watch. I have them in my living room right now (did I just admit that?) normally we have them down in the basement, but with two dogs in the house, I can monitor them much closer. If the black ones are Australorps, that's cool, since I've never had them, and did not have them on my upcoming order-excited to see how they turn out
I think it is a D'Uccle, it looked like mine last year from TSC

Charlie and Peony have feathered feet do yours?
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