TSC ducklings - Guess the breed.

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Greetings and salutations, everyone!

    I just got my first ducklings from Tractor Supply. I wanted to start my first flock with chicks, but the ducks were just too irresistible. They are growing like furry little weeds and are a too funny. Have a look at them and see if you can guess the breeds.

    I got the babies a week ago on Wednesday evening. They settled in to the brooders quite nicely. I use two and swap them out twice a day. One with tall sides for unobserved night time and when I'm out of the house, and one with shorter sides for when I am piddling around the house. I take them out to different spots around the house 1-2 times a day, but they are still overwhelmed by the huge outdoors.

    I noticed they were constantly standing with one foot in the waterer, so on day 2 I put this shallow bowl in their day brooder. I have plenty of leaves, pine, and mulch, so I use that as the bedding. I also have plenty of moss growing around, so I pull up clumps of that and put it around the wading bowl. It works fantastically for soaking up the splashed water. The wet mulch goes into the garden every day.

    Day 3 in the kiddie pool. They are already old pros. (#1 nibbling the moss, #2/3 sitting up.)


    Day 3 their second trip outside. I think they are narcoleptic, they plop down to sleep every 5-10 minutes while outside. (#1 on the right, #2/3 on the left.)


    Day 4 and they are getting bigger. Utterly pooped after I let them swim in a huge mixing bowl. They were showing off their diving skills within seconds. They have also devised a plan to sleep next to the waterer so they can sip throughout naps without having to get up. Smart little boogers. (#2/3 on top, #1 on the bottom.)


    Day 6 These are "the twins" (#2/3) and this is their last picture together before "The Incident."


    Here's what I think on the breeds.
    #1 - Pekin. He's already bigger than the others.
    It is golden yellow, has a rounder head, fuller body, a pink beak with pink/orange feet, and a horizontal stance. It is very docile, seems to be more independent from the others, loves to be held and rubbed, and likes being covered with my hand or a towel. When I say it likes to be covered, I mean he konks out sleeping in 2 seconds flat. When I speak to the ducklings, this one is very attentive, looks right at me and studies my face. It looks exactly like everyone else's pictures of Pekin ducklings.

    #2/3 - First guess was Runner, now I'm not sure. Runners aren't on the list for my TSC.
    They are flat yellow with some dark-ish undertones only on their heads. The above picture looks like a stripe at the eyes, but you can't really see that all the time. They have a slightly sleeker body, more oval head, and darker beaks and feet. They don't stand as erect as runner ducks, but are definitely not as horizontal as #1. They are much more flighty and whistle quite a bit, even when sleeping, and they do not like to be held. They like to nestle their chest or side into my hand, but not sit on it or have anything over their back. They might as well have been glued together because they did NOT like to be separated. After the one was killed, the other calmed down almost immediately, squeaks much less, tolerates my touch more, and stays close to #1 but not as much as his missing twin. I discovered today that it likes me to rub it's tiny little wings.

    My TSC lists Mallard, Swedish, Khaki Campbell, Rouen, and White Pekin on the sign of available ducks. They are mixed in the same bin and the clerks don't really know the difference. I've looked at Ideal's website, and for yellow ducklings, they also have Fawn & White Runners, which is what I thought the twins were, and Buff Ducks.

    Do you think #2/3 could be Silver or Splash Swedish? Aren't Swedes supposed to be super docile? If they are still getting their ducks from Ideal Poultry, perhaps I did get Runners or Buff. Maybe Ideal tossed in breeds not on the TSC list since it's technically hatchery choice?

    Thanks for reading!
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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    There so cute! had to comment. They look like pekin to me, but i will admit my duckling ID skills are poor. I don't get to see many where i am other than my own which are all scovies lol

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    I agree I'm in the same boat as GQ as far as other breeds since i only have Scovies too, but just had to say how adorable and Congrats.. and Welcome.
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    Jan 19, 2010
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    I'm thinkin Pekin
  5. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    Guessing Pekin, too.
  6. zooweemama

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    They are adorable! They all look like Pekin- one of my favorite breeds! You'll love them! Runners look more upright and have tired looking eyes (I don't know how else to describe it lol). But so far these do not look like Runners to me.
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    I'd say Pekin.

    Buffs are tan as ducklings, not yellow. A splash or silver bird will not be yellow either. Ideal only offers fawn and white runners and they too are not yellow.

    How did the one get killed?
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  8. Going Quackers

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    I completely missed that! [​IMG] What did happen?
  9. KB mini farm

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    Mar 19, 2013
    It was terrible!

    I was outside with the ducks for their evening romp and a freak storm started out of nowhere. I scooped them and ran in, dropped them off in their brooder and ran to let the dogs in before they were soaked and stinky. I had been introducing them in small increments. The 2 Labs are older and pretty obedient. One of them is actually scared of the duckies. We also have a small English bulldog/Rottweiler mix. She is 3 and not that smart. I was collecting the ducks to move to their other brooder in the closed off room, and the bulldog grabbed one as I was picking them up. Unlike the Labs, who by nature soft mouth prey, the bulldog has those dang vise grip jaws. When we tell her to leave or drop something, she bites harder, so instead of that I had to grab her mouth and pull her jaws open to release the duckling. As I had the offending dog pinned down with my knee the duckling ran around the side of the brooder. I scooped it up and it seemed ok at first glance. As I was putting the offender in her crate I could see the duckling start to writhe. His little head started to flop funny as I cradled him in a stable position so I started to massage his little body. Within a few seconds he was gone. The tiniest puncture wound in the abdomen area with one tiny drop of blood. I think some internal organs were crushed or there was a spinal injury.

    In contrast, the Labs waited patiently as I held the duckling and watched intently. My black Lab then went to lay down in front of the bedroom door to guard the other two ducks. My chocolate Lab came over to nudge the duckling a few times. Since then, when they come in to eat, she checks the brooder, sees two ducks then takes to searching for the other, pacing around double and triple checking.

    From the first few raindrops to the death was hardly 3 minutes but it seemed like an hour long cascade of hysteria. From the bite to death was under half a minute. Just proves that everything changes, literally in this case, in the blink of an eye. Ugh. The first failure of being a new duck mom and it had to be such an ultimate result, and so soon into this journey. And I get a frequent reminder of my failure because now, the remaining twin freaks out if it is separated from the other duck for even a split second. Maybe those two really were double yolk ducky twins and I let this rarity perish?!!! Oh, the tragedy!

    Anyway, now I am rethinking our future flock and livestock plans. As finances allowed, we were going to fence the property and have fenced in coops/runs for chicks and ducks inside of the perimeter fence. The plan was to have our dogs be the predator barrier between the perimeter and the runs. None of the dogs are diggers and the Labs are proven with all kinds of small animals. But now we *know* the bulldog/rottie mix is a whole new bag of issues and I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a permanent trait. Chickens are officially on the back burner until we get this worked out with a new plan.
  10. ThistleRidgeGA

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    9 times out of 10 at TSC by us, they are Pekin. The only other duckling they sell at the ones by our farm are Muscovy.

    And for what it's worth, scientific studies on the bite strength (PSI) on various breeds of dogs showed that bulldogs and other bully breed types dogs' PSI for bite strength is actually less than other breeds. So... there really isn't a "vice grip" jaw action or, my personal favorite not mentioned, "jaws that lock" (not true in the least.)

    I would venture to guess the duckling seemed okay at first due to shock, but the head flopping funny, etc. is pretty indicative of a broken neck/severed spinal column. Poor duckie.

    Our German Shepherd is allowed around our ducks. We have trained him to help us herd them if need be. Our Pit Bull, although the last time she was around chickens chased them into the barn without harming a feather, has a high prey drive and is NOT allowed around the ducks.
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