TSC ducklings!


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
N. Ca
What are these?
Khaki Campbells?


Oh my gosh! I always scoffed at you people who go to feed stores and come home with unanticipated chicks or duckilings, but I was sore tempted to drag a barrel of babies home with me today! Ducklings are sooooooo much cuter than chicks!!!
They just said assorted fowl. The others looked like mallard ducklings.
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I NEVER walk over to the "bird bin" at TS:old Especially with 4 orders of birds coming from Holderreads and Sandhill:yiipchick It would be too easy to 'rescue" all of them....
Those look like the pics I have seen of Khakis. I ended up going to get needles and came home with 2 blue Swedish and 1 blk Swedish (from what the pics showed).

WARNING TSC is very dangerous to walk into right now!!!!
My TSC Store does not carry birds....they take orders and bring them in but they do not have any to just walk in and fall in love with..... booooo hoooo hooooo
I am so jealous! I picked up 4 Mallards a few days ago and have been searching all over for Khaki Campbells. I really don't want to pay the price to ship them, and want them close in age to my new little ones.

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