TSC ducks.


11 Years
Jan 26, 2008
Dose anyone know what breeds they are offering at TSC? I'm guessing kiki campbells and pekins but i haven't seen them. Can anyone who has gotten ducks from TSC post some pics of the ducks/ ducklings they got. Thanks
Only Pekins? Aren't they loud?
my TS has only the rabbits right now but the 23 they should have the ducks and chicks - so I have no idea what they will be yet ( other than to cute to leave behind lol ) I have an adult male Pekin - and he is pretty quiet - compared to the female cayauga I have out there LOL

Female ducks are louder than males. All of them talk all the time, in my experience. Muscovy cannot make much noise, but they are not usually sold at the farm stores.

I think all TSCs are different in the kinds they have.

All female ducks are kin dof loud. All of them except muscovies anyway. Call ducks are some of the loudest, but the other can still be moderately loud. No where near as annoying as a guinea hen though. I don't mind the duck's quack as they do not do it often!

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