TSC strikes again!


Nov 21, 2017
Central/east TX
Ok the peeping got me yall... Only went in for feed and came out with 4 fuzzy footed bantam babies.... Just in case my 1st hatch is a fail lol.


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Haha why do they have to put the feed at the back of the store though?! Lol

I'm happy i did it the cutest one i picked had a touch of pasty butt and i brought that sweetie home and saved it maybe. They will be super loved here... <3 i did squeek out with only a 4 minimum. But the guy was like "these are 3$ a piece... Are you sure?"
Uh yes. Had to force him to put wood chips into my box and explain what splay leg was to him.
I think these will be a week old on Wednesday and they still mostly just sleep?? I know theyve been eating and drinking too since they have made messes around the stuff but every time i lookat them they are all just sleeping in a pile. Maybe i just dont remember this stage or are bantams just really chill?

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