TSC to sell Purina feed. Your Opinion requested.


12 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Dutchess County NY
The TSC will be selling Purina brand feed on Oct. 5th. I have used their Dumor brand from chick to now. They are only 16 weeks old now. ( pullets ) Anyone have an opinion on Purina vs Dumor chicken feed. I am using Dumor grower/starter now.
I use Dumor and my chickens don't like it much. I'm looking forward to trying something else.
We use Purina and we're happy with it. I use both Purina starter and layer mixes.

I've never used Dumor, though, so I can't offer a comparison.
I remember reading somewhere that Dumor is made by Purina. Our birds do great on Dumor. We recently switched over a month ago to Buckeye pelleted feed because of the ducks and my chickens have stopped laying. I think they are boycotting!

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