TSC Weak Moments -CHICK PICS!-Whew,Dodged a bullet today...


12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
near Charlotte NC
Well, had a weak moment or two at the TSC this past weekend and came home with 6 little cuties out of the assorted pullet bin. Aside from 'assorted'...any guesses on breeds?? I'm hoping that there are some EE's in the bunch.

1st - we have 5 of these cuties. I'm not sure what kind of comb they will have yet. It's not screaming single comb, but there's just not much there yet at all to help me figure it out. From the side...

...and a top view.


Now, the 1 mystery chick... this one is pale yellow down with white feathers coming in. The white feathers have a yellow tint on the very tips.... Then there is that BLACK DOT on the top - you can see it in the 2nd pic.


...see the black dot??

Let the fun and games begin!! Any guesses???
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Total novice here guessing the first one may be a Welsummer???? I just saw a brooder full of 3 wk old Welsummers, and though I don't have a photographic memory (lol!) that's what it makes me think of. You need an expert's reply.
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First one looks EE to me.

The second one is difficult to tell, but it almost looks like a white rock. However, there is such a breed as the California white, which is white with black spots. You will have to see if he loses the black spot or if he develops more!
The black dot screams California white to me. The first one not so sure about... want to say it kind of looked like my GLW, but I only had that chick for a day because it didn't make it.
We just hatched out some EE that looked exactly like the yellow one, even down to the black dot. Both of them had it and they did not have the beard or muffs either. Boy those first ones are so pretty!!!
Not sure if this is true with all ee's, but all the one's I have that are 4 weeks old have greenish legs. (they hatched with green legs
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I also thing the first ones look like EE's. The pics dont show the legs too well, but they do look to have a slight greenish look about them from what does show. If your going to have a weakness......i think there is no better one to have
Well I actually think the first one is a RIR or RIR cross. I hatched rir's and he looks just like those. I don't believe he is a EE, jmho.

Edited to say: Whatever they are they sure are cute!!
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