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May 9, 2013
Kathy,i would like to thank you for all your detailed posts on tube feeding. I have just finished tube feeding my sick silkie 5 month old roo. He was fine the other day,got into a tussle with another roo and immediately started behaving very stressed,panting,wings spread etc.strange thing is,there was no injury and i was there to immediately break them up. He stopped eating/eyes closed and after 48 hours with not being able to get much food into him,i knew it was do or die. I initially started treatment for cocci as he had all symptoms,but after no improvement in 24 hours knew it was not that,next i tried tetracycline again no improvement,tube feeding was the only answer if i was going to save his life. I unfortunately did not have the proper tube or feed,so i used aquarium tubing and pablum. Aquarium tubing worked fine,i measured beak to crop so i would know how far to insert tube,placed him between my legs,wrapped in a towel with his neck extended was easily able to insert tube and used a syringe to administer feed. Not sure if he will survive,but he will not go down without a fight from me. Thank you so much for all your information on this subject,for anyone who is nervous about tube feeding don't be,it is very easy to do.

Has anyone experienced a chicken becoming ill and not eating after a very mild altercation? I have not see this before,he has no signs of any other issues and all my other chickens are fine.
I only saw it once, but it was after a major altercation. Glad you were able to get your tubing supplies together!

Haven't seen this. How is your silky doing?

Thank you for asking,he is still alive. After tube feeding him for 6 days,he has just started to eat on his own this evening. I stopped all medications as nothing was helping,and have started him on aspirin,which will help with swelling and pain,as i am inclined to think it may have been an injury to brain,similar to a concussion,he has not been able to keep awake for more than a few minutes at a time for the last 6 days. The aspirin might be helping as he did eat this evening on his own for about 20 minutes. He is currently sleeping beside a hot water bottle. It has been exhausting as i have been sleeping on the couch with him in a cat basket beside me,check on him constantly and give him water approx every 30 minutes during the day. He is still very ill but i am hopeful that he may be improving,i hope this little boy does survive as he has a great personality and is very special to me.

I have realized that if a chicken does not eat,after about 48 hours their body starts to shut down very fast,my boy had watery poop and yellow urates which from my understanding indicates kidney damage/problems. His poop is firmer and urates are starting to become white again. Perhaps several of the unexplained chicken deaths that are posted,may actually be a result of not eating(as it only takes 24-48 hours)and the body starts to shut down and they die.
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