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    I was impatient and I took the wrong bus to work. I had to walk a mile and 1/2, in steel toe work boots.

    Lesson of Tuesday:

    1. Patience is truly a virtue
    2. If lacking #1, just wait a little more.
    3. If you didn't follow rule #2, then punishment will follow

    Now that I think back to all this early morning mess, If I did have patience, it would have cured walking to work 1-1/2 miles in steel toe work boots.

    What is your lesson of Tuesday Morning? Lets share a cup of coffee and laughs

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    5 Minutes later.....

    Side Story: I found out, in the bathroom, I have a blister on my left heel as a reminder to have patience, and a hole in my sock to boot (no pun intended).

    To finish this lesson off:

    My glasses tweaked out at the corner hinge screw at lunchtime.

    I called my wife at 4:30 to tell her I was coming home. She said she couldn't pick me up because the truck was driving funny. I had to walk home 1-1/2 miles in steel toe boots.

    I checked the truck, it was fine. There was a pinhole leak in the radiator on the left side, on the plastic by the hose. Sealed it with JB Weld.

    Ate dinner and went to bed.

    I learned:

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